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About Predictive Dialer Solution

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Who We Are

Started in 2008 Avyukta Intellicall Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a global call centre and software service provider and till now has helped 1500+ businesses to set up their call centres and provided them with qualityoriented product applications, software, and CRM development units. The company is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, but has 475+ Call centre clients across 11+ countries

Boost Your Call Center Efficiency With Our Dialer Software

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  • Lower than your lowest bidder
  • 24 x 6 - Support

Our Mission

To optimize engagement at the customer’s end. We will customize and personalize your interactions with your clients for more engagement.

Establishing sustainable and future-proof: Our Mission is to be a trusted partner to our customers in their digital and professional journeys. We aim to shape how our customers live and work through evolving technologies.

Operate with excellence: We will be the first to deliver innovative products and services that delight our customers. We will always strive to be the best in everything we do.

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Why Choose Us

Personalized Service and Support

Personalized service and support is a customer-centric approach that tailors assistance to individual needs and preferences.

Quality Products and Services

Quality products and services are essential for building customer trust and loyalty. By delivering consistent, high-quality offerings, businesses can establish a reputation for excellence and drive long-term growth and success.

Innovation and Forward-Thinking

Innovation and forward-thinking refer to the ability to anticipate and adapt to changing market trends and customer needs.

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