Predictive Dialer Software Give a Real Solution for Call Centers in India

Predictive Dialer Software Give a Real Solution for Call Centers in India


Avyukta Intellicall Predictive Dialer solutions get an edge over traditional phone system as one could do different tasks like call forwarding, laptop calls, voice mail, faxes etc. Predictive Dialer solutions can foster your business pursuits whether it is small scale industries or a Fortune 500 business. We provide Call Center Predictive Dialer Software Solutions & IVR , long established  telephone system often results in a burden for small enterprises due to the hefty charges associated with it – Predictive Dialer solution is truly a blessing for small businesses and you could achieve significant cost savings with this technique.

Predictive dialing is one of the most widely used automatic dialing pacing options and Aspect offers the most comprehensive set of predictive dialing capabilities in the market. Predictive dialer Vendors in India.

Auto Dialer Software in India executes this by forecasting how many telephone calls need to be placed. If the predictive dialer software does not place make enough calls, the agents will sit idle waiting for an call. If the predictive dialer software places too many multiple  calls, no agent will be available to speak with the another person who answers the phone. If you have ever received a telephone call and heard a recorded message that said something like “Please hold the line for the next agent available ”, you have experienced a predictive dialer failure.


The predictive dialer uses mathematical formulas to examine the average time a recipient takes to answer the call and the availability of the agent to adjust the dialing rate automatically. They are configured to allow the Dialer to decide which group to call, which agent to divert a connected call to, etc. These decisions are based on various factors such as the resemble duration of a call, the number of agents available, the number of connections, etc.


Features of Avyukta Intellicall Predictive Dialer: -

    Multiline dialer

    Upload contacts from Excel

    Unlimited call transfers (1 credit/min)

    Call dispositions & statistics

    Campaign, list & sound mgmt

    DTMF pass-through

    Customer history & notes

    DNC / FTC compliance info

    Remote / home agents

    Real-time reporting

    APIs to control campaigns

    CRM integration support

Avyukta Intellicall Cloud Call Center India maximizes the time agents spend on the phone talking with people by accurately predicting when agents will become available, optimally pacing dialing, and filtering out unproductive calls.The Avyukta Intellicall platform enables powerful cross-channel contact strategies that include automated voice messaging, text messaging, email and web in addition to predictive dialing, preview dialing and manual dialing.

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