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Best Auto Predictive Dialer Solution for Call Centre

Predictive Dialer is an ideal solution for a turnkey Call Center/BPO/Calling Related Setup. We can provide you with the exact levels of security that you require, with no additional technology required. You only need your PC/Laptop/Tab/Mobile to operate the solution.

Customer Engagement Solutions for Sales, Service & Collections

Call Center Management Software

Experience unmatched call quality, intelligent routing, and advanced voice features to dramatically improve your customer satisfaction score (CSAT) rate with Avyukta Dialer Suite.

Cloud Contact Center Solution

A cloud contact center is a central point in a business, hosted on a cloud server, handling all inbound and outbound customer communications.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solution

An omnichannel contact center solution is a part of the software that streamlines business communication by updating all available customer service and communication channels in real time.

Strategies for Successful Customer Engagement

Predictive dialer technology can optimize call pacing, increase agent productivity, and ensure more efficient call routing.

Predictive Dialer Services

Predictive dialer services are a type of telephony software that automates outbound calling processes and optimizes agent productivity.

Sales Customer Engagement Solutions

Sales customer engagement solutions encompass a range of strategies and tools designed to enhance interactions between sales representatives and customers.

Predictive dialer Services For Your Contact Center Solution

  • Smart Dialing
  • Contextual Reach out
  • High ROI(Return on investment)
  • Boost Agent Productivity
  • More Call Connects
  • Intelligently Assign Calls
Good Predictive dialer Services
Benefit of Predictive Dialer

Benefits of Choosing Our Predictive Dialer Solution

  • Data Centers to Boost Mobile-like Numbers
  • Allow the Agents have Contextual Conversations.
  • Increase Call Connects
  • Maximize Agent Productivity
  • Intelligently Assign Calls
  • Increase Sales
Manual and Predictive Dialer

Manual Dialer

A Manual dialer, Where call center agents dial a number either from a preloaded list or by typing with a keypad. Then Agents have to wait for the phone call to connect, which can be either wrong, busy, or reach the answering machine. Since manual dialing does not have the scope of filtering these calls, thus it is the least efficient way of placing outbound calls.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing is a advanced method for call center solution, but it also performs the regular methods for making outbound calls such as power, progressive, or preview dialing.It filters out,busy signals, voicemails, and dead phone numbers and passes the call to live agents as the customer answers the call.

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What Makes The Predictive Dialer Unique?

Manage your calls and campaigns easily

By using our cloud Predictive dialer, you can seamlessly manage the list of contacts in individual campaigns. You can also monitor and collect data related to your campaigns – data on sales, the popularity of offered products, history of customer calls, etc.

Make more calls – faster

Our advanced Predictive auto dialer system ensures that agents always have another prospect ready on the line. That’s because the Predictive dialer dials the next number even before the previous call ends.

Handle any sort of outbound calling

Online Predictive dialer is suitable for all types of companies dealing with large amounts of outbound calls. It will serve you well for customer satisfaction monitoring, sales and telemarketing campaigns, customer satisfaction monitoring, market research campaigns, Information on parcel shipping or HR and recruitment calls.

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FAQ | Predictive Dialer Solution for Call Center

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated system that uses computer algorithms to dial a list of phone numbers and connect answered calls to agents. It uses predictive algorithms to determine when agents are likely to be available and dials multiple numbers at once to maximize agent productivity.

2How does a predictive dialer work?

A predictive dialer uses algorithms to analyze call history data and determine the best time to dial a phone number. It automatically dials multiple phone numbers at once and connects answered calls to available agents.

3What are the benefits of using a predictive dialer?

The benefits of using a predictive dialer include increased agent productivity, reduced call abandonment rates, improved call center efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

4What types of businesses can benefit from using a predictive dialer?

Any business that makes outbound calls to customers or clients, such as telemarketing companies, debt collection agencies, and customer service centers, can benefit from using a predictive dialer.

5 Is a predictive dialer expensive?

The cost of a predictive dialer is depending on the provider and the specific features included. However, many providers offer scalable pricing options and customizable plans to fit the needs and budget of different businesses.

6 What are some common challenges of using a predictive dialer?

Some common challenges of using a predictive dialer include inaccurate or incomplete contact information, compliance with regulatory requirements, and managing call center staffing and resources.

7 Can a predictive dialer be integrated with other software applications?

Yes, many predictive dialer can be integrated with other software applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, to streamline data management and enhance the customer experience.