Predictive Dialer With CRM Integration

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Predictive Dialer Solution

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Avyukta Intellicall easy-to-use predictive dialer software includes predictive dialing, a progressive dialer, preview dialing, a call center predictive dialer, and manual dialing modes. It dramatically increases agent productivity and improves campaign bottom-line by automatically dialing, no-answer and disconnected lines, skipping busy, optionally leaving a voice message on answering machines and most importantly, never involving you or your agent on a call until a live person answers.

Predictive Dialer Features

  • Alternate Phone System
  • Get detailed campaign reports
  • Cloud or on-premise solution
  • Automatic Time Zone Adjustment
  • Outbound ACD
  • Use your SIP, IP PBX, analog phone lines to dial
  • Call back scheduling
  • Click-to-Call dialing
  • Preview dialing
  • Progressive dialing
  • Predictive dialing
  • Call recording and whisper coaching
  • Agent inter dialing support
  • Multiple campaign management and dialing modes

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24*6 Chat, Phone, Email support to our centers for any IVR and Dialer-related queries and Issues.
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Predictive Dialer With CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration added more to the utilities of predictive cloud dialers. CRM is a system to manage all company’s interactions with potential, current and previous customers. It became more accessible for the agents to find specific customer information.
Predictive Dialer With CRM Software

Customer Details on CRM

Individual customer-specific information agents are more likely of entertaining the call efficiently and close the ring on a positive note. When the dialer is integrated with the Customer Relationship Management(CRM), these customer-specific details are availed while the agents communicate with the customers. Predictive dialer operates on an algorithm that helps connect the maximum number of customers to the available agents. While talking to customers, it gets more accessible for the agents to use the information stored in Customer Relationship Management(CRM) to make a calculated business communication.

Sales Acceleration

Sales acceleration refers to strategies that help businesses move prospects through the sales pipeline with greater efficiency. Effective sales acceleration software provides sales and marketing teams with timely data and insights designed to increase the velocity and relevance of customer conversions. The predictive dialer integration with CRM helps make the most available resources. The vendors get the information handy and make the best possible business communication. Sales is a result of total preparedness. And Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration conditions the predictive dialer for the best possible sales results.

Optimized Lead Management

CRM integration helps optimise the lead management develops a faster and more innovative work environment for the agents. It includes information related to sales, customer communication history, and contact information, and it also automatically serves this data to the agents.

A predictive dialer integrated with the CRM carries call logging, call back, call recording and other automated processes that substantially save the agents’ time. With more time in their hands, the agents can connect to the best leads and close the calls efficiently in the least time invested.

Consisting Complete Details, Overall Customer History, Quick Add or Edit, Upload Options, Desired Details, All Payment Logs, etc. With Super Admin Based, Customization of Customer Stages & Details, as per Desired Stages Addition. With Target and percentage wise, qualified Leads stats check "Where Sales Team / Member Stands" at any time.

Agent Call Activities

The CRM integrated predictive dialer captures all types of call activities. It directly feeds into the CRM for managing better leads and keeping track of the perfect time to call the customers.

The predictive dialer records all the agent calls that are analyzed to give a new way or redirection to the customer-agent communication. Call recording also helps analyze the call patterns that further make the best possible conversion over the connected calls.

Call analysis also ensures that the agents are up to date in their knowledge about the product and services. CRM further helps categorise the call recording according to a different set of customers. CRM integration can help map the tapes with the clients, which may be required for liabilities issues.

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